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Tranquil Retreat Amidst Nature

Discover serenity at Mellow Beach House, our eco-house nestled in the heights of Sidi Kaouki, Morocco.

Sustainable Oasis by the Sea

At Mellow Beach House, we harmonize with nature, offering an eco-conscious retreat overlooking the ocean.

Ocean-View Paradise

Experience the ultimate eco-luxe getaway at Mellow Beach House, where panoramic ocean views meet sustainable living.

Reuse gray water for watering plants and soil

All the electricity in the house is provided by solar panels. The house is energy self-sufficient

An alternative to conventional water toilets

The house is built traditionally using stone, clay, and wood. It is thermoregulating

We recycle

Local, fresh, and homemade food

About Us

The Mellow Beach House is an eco-friendly and energy self-sufficient house, located in a thuya forest overlooking the fishing and surfing village of Sidi Kaouki. With its breathtaking views of the ocean and the surrounding countryside, this beach house offers an idyllic setting just 20 km from the city of Essaouira in Morocco.